As behavioral health professionals, we are unique in the health information technology and EHR management sphere. We have over twenty years of industry and software experience, always keeping abreast of the latest in clinical best practices, HIPAA, PHI and EHR protocols, financial systems, and related software. Today we consult with large and small behavioral health and substance use disorder treatment agencies across the country primarily in the areas of EHR and financial systems management.

We are advocates for our customers, not a specific platform. Because we understand firsthand the challenges of behavioral health and substance use disorder treatment organizations, we are driven to provide needed support today with an eye toward making organizations stronger and more self-sufficient tomorrow.

BIS is 100% women and employee-owned. Our promise to our customers is to help them understand and meet the ever-evolving challenges of behavioral health administration by developing the EHR and financial systems they need to thrive and provide critical services to their client populations.

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